We are passionate about educating the next generation of scientists and engineers in optical imaging and optics in general. We have developed a MATLAB courseware on Optical System Modeling. I hope this courseware serves a quick and concise introduction to the mathematical and physical models of two- and higher dimensional imaging systems. It is suitable for senior undergraduate and first-year graduate students majoring in optical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, biomedical engineering, and applied physics, or anyone with background in STEM who is just interested in learning about optical imaging.

(OSE 6265) Graduate Level Lens Design, Summer Semester

Gain a deeper understanding in aberration theory and lens design methodology. Analysis and design of optical systems using commercial optical design software.

(OSE 4240) Optics and Photonics Design, Spring Semester

Analysis and design of optical and photonic systems. Assessment of image quality using optical design software. Simulation of waveguides and integrated-optic systems using photonic design software.

(OSE 4830) Introduction to Imaging and Display, Fall Semester

Introduction to mathematical and physical models of two- and three-dimensional imaging systems including scanning, interferometric, tomographic, and hyperspectral systems. Applications to remote sensing, biology, and medicine.

(OSE 4043) Analytical Methods for Optics and Photonics, Fall Semester

Introduction to the analytical tools needed for optics. Build the mathematical fundations for students in optics and photonics.

(OSE 4721) Biophotonics, Fall Semester

Introduction of relevant optical principles and phenomena related to light-tissue interaction. Operation theory of optical sensing, imaging and spectroscopy. Instrumentation of optical device for biological research, medical diagnostics, in-vivo imaging, and therapy.




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